Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heritage Award
Suzanne Wilson

During the last 10 years I have taken approximately 6000 photos of mainly homes in North Vancouver.  These photos plus in some cases histories of the home or residents are now all part of the permanent collection at the North Vancouver Archives.

Most of these photographs are from the project "Demolition and Construction" 2001 to 2010.  The main body of these photographs is homes in North Vancouver District and City that have been demolished during that time. To pay honor to the residents of these homes, the families that have contributed to life in our community, in 2010 I published the daily blog "Demolition Mama".  Each weekday a post showed a photo of the home, gave details of the location and architecture, and relayed a brief history of the families who made the house their home. Starting in 2011 is my blog "Churches On Sundays" that will be published each Sunday and will include  all the church buildings in North Vancouver, past and present. This tribute to the congregations that built and support these churches will include interior and exterior photos, give details of the architecture, and relay a brief history of the building. In the year 2011 I received an award for Heritage Advocacy from the District of North Vancouver.

Other photographs housed at the North Vancouver Archives are from my "Year 2000 Photography Project, Your House/Our Home" where I photographed over 2000 homes in the City of North Vancouver to celebrate the Year 2000.  Over 800 are accompanied by additional information.  This project was on exhibit January to June 2001 at the North Vancouver Archives in Presentation House. In the year 2002 I received a Queen Elizabeth II Medal for this work. To celebrate North Vancouver City's 100 birthday in 2007 I distributed 1000 copies of the "Year 2000 Photography Project, Your House/ Our Home" photos to the residents of these homes. North Vancouver has been our home since 1972.



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